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A sovereign, nomadic community

VanlifeDAO has been established as a Republic of Marshall Island nonprofit DAO, Llc entity. VanlifeDAO is being created and organized by Van By The Beach, Llc team who has established the legal entity, created the art for the NFT, drafted the constitution and promoted the project. (for a more detailed discussion on why we used the Marshall Island check out this article). Once VanlifeDAO distributes a minimum of 144 membership NFTs, it will be its own, independent and sovereign legal entity governed by the members as provided in the constitution below and the governing documents. All of the proceeds from the sell of the 1,729 membership NFTs will go to the the community wallet, Vanlifedao.eth, which will be managed by the community. The Van By The Beach, Llc team, as the creators of the art and the project, receive 10% royalties of the sell of the membership NFTs. This is our legal entity certificate:


Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 7.36.35 PM.png

The following is the constitution that will provide the guidelines for our community to self-govern and deploy funds:

VanlifeDAO Constitution

We the, VanlifeDAO members, hereby reaffirm our sovereignty and, by holding a VanlifeDAO membership NFT,  agree to this constitution to self-govern our community. VanlifeDAO (hereinafter “DAO”) was established by Van By The Beach, Llc as a decentralized autonomous nonprofit community with its legal entity registered in the Marshall Islands. After the first 144 membership NFTs are distributed, the DAO will be an independent and sovereign organization owned and governed by its members as provided in this constitution, certificate of formation and operating agreement. Our mission is to acquire vanlife resorts and create resources for the benefit of our community. 

  1. Membership: Any person owning a wallet that contains an NFT issued by VanlifeDAO is a member of the DAO. Transfer of the NFT also transfers membership and a person is a member of the DAO only during the time that the member maintains ownership of the NFT.  Members are entitled to govern the DAO on a one-vote-per-wallet basis by voting on Proposals. Members will have access to member-only for official DAO communications.

  2. Proposals: Any member can make a Proposal using the attached template on the “Proposals” channel of the DAO Discord. For a proposal to be put on the DAO’s for a final official vote, it will need to get 10 “thumbs up” from DAO members on the channel within 7 days. Proposers are encouraged to amend their proposal based on Member feedback before it is sent to Snapshot for final vote.   Proposers are required to “defend” their final Proposal by giving a 5-minute pitch at a regular DAO meeting or submitting a voice and/or audio recording on Discord. A Proposal is approved by receiving a minimum 51% DAO quadratic vote on Snapshot with a 50 wallet quorum within 5 days.  Approved Proposals will sunset and be inactive after 180 days and may be renewed through a 51% snapshot vote by following this proposal process again.

  3. DAO Stewards will be elected to act on behalf of the community as decided by the community’s approved Proposals. The first Stewards will be elected after the DAO has 144 Members. 3 Stewards will be elected from within our Members for 6 month staggered terms as follows. 

    • Communication Steward to manage official DAO communications and social media (initial term of 6months). 

    • Treasurer Steward to manage DAO wallet and funds (initial term of 1 year, and 6 months thereafter)

    • Operations Steward to manage DAO elections, Proposal process and legal entity maintenance (initial term of 6months). 

  • Any Member can make a Proposal to remove a Steward for cause.  Stewards will be the “managing members” for our registered legal entity. Elected Stewards will be required to provide the necessary identification to receive payment as an independent contractor and the requisite background check by the registering agent. 30 days before a Steward’s term is up (or as soon as there is a vacancy), any candidate for Steward shall follow the Proposal process to run for Steward and initiate an election. If no candidate submits a timely proposal, the incumbent Stewards will serve the next term. Stewards will be compensated as independent contractors in an amount decided and updated through the Proposal process. Stewards may only serve up to 5 terms.

  1. Regular Meetings: Stewards will take turns hosting a weekly meeting Tuesdays at 12:30pm PST (alternating weekly between Discord and Twitter/Instagram) to go over any updates and discuss any current Proposals. Additional meetings may be had as decided by Stewards. Stewards shall post on Discord the login details and agenda of every meeting 24 hours ahead of time. 

  2. Treasury Funds Deployment: DAO treasury will be maintained in a Gnosis Safe. After a proposal is passed by the community, all 3 stewards will be authorized to sign wallet transactions as provided in approved Proposals. Stewards are not authorized to make wallet transactions unless those are approved in a Proposal.

  3. Amendments: This constitution may be amended by 2/3 vote of Members following the Proposal process. 


Project Proposal Template

Project Title:

Project Summary:

Team Bios:

Objectives, Key Results and Timeline:

Budget Request and Justification:



This is a VanlifeDAO Membership NFT, which comes with unlockable content that is only available to the owners. There are only 1729 of these NFTs to be distributed as follows (each one has equal governance and membership in the DAO) 


12 1-of-1 NFTs 4.6 Eth (which include commercial rights to the owner)

144 discounted NFTs .046 Eth

1402 regular price .46 Eth

108 gifted NFTs (for people going through financial challenges, let us know)

55 to VanlifeDAO community treasury

8 to Van By the Beach creator team 

To obtain one of these, please provide your email. We will not spam or sell your email. We are asking for emails to avoid the NFTs being bought out by bots or whales. 

This is not accounting, financial, legal, or tax advice. We encourage everyone to do your own research. We will never direct message you or ask you for you wallet private key, stay safe and avoid scams. Our official links will only be shared on and our email,


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